Heavy (a poem to my next love) by: Hrsh Reyalitee

(This was written in November 2009)

I want to be on you like wishes on stars;

Like reflections on mirrors

Like arms held out wishing to draw you nearer

Like wax hand rolled onto a single lock

Like the sun in the sky…all day.

I want to be on you like a wedding band on a tight fit. Hard, heavy, and for a while.

I want to be on you like hives on trees

like T.H.C.’s on leaves

Shit I want to be on you how i’m suppose to be

Devoted to see…

Sugar roll down your pants sleeve from just looking at me.

Who could this be, that I want to kiss ever so sweetly under a sycamore tree

NO one knows, not even I

But when I find her, I’ll be on her like I can’t get off…I mean unles she tells me to get off, but that wont even be spoken after she…gets off

Damn her skin is going to be soft

And this agenda won’t be brought to her, it will be given to me

Sh’s going to lean over and whisper to me saying “take me there, right there to Ecstasy,  when you come my way just wait for me before you begin your dream…

…I want to be in it.”

But she always is!

I just don’t know who she is…

I dreamt about her last night, then I woke up drooling because I was dreaming her in my mouth.

She was all over the place, all in my face, under my tongue, dripping from my chin, rolling down my chest.

What a beautiful mess.

I woke up and on my way to class; I was excited to get there so I could fall asleep on that nigga and dream of her.

I did…

You were standing at the bookstore…I really like your outfit. Your boks looked real heavy like you had a hard time holding them.

One of your books was a black and white marble, I walked to class hoping that’s where you keep your words flowing like this…because that’s my wish.

I swear before God.

Fuck the freaky shit…I just want her to make me moan and scream from the words that she created from her everything.

I wonder if she uses ballpoints…

I wonder if she goes wow off her own written.

So I wake up at 12:38p in a empty class and a professor looking at my dumb ass sitting there with a wet sleeve.  Fuck him.

Where is she?

I know what your thinking…

“Reyalitee is such a blasphemes bastard”

I try not to make this kind of talk a habit

But I walk around with a cross AND a rosary.

I’m scared to know what he probably thinks of MEEEE

But back to YOU

why wasn’t I informed that beauty would come inside such a beautiful wrapper?

Physical beauty isn’t even a factor, even though it’s a plus.

Sometimes the Baddest chick be the ugly bitch, when I say ugly…I mean ugly on the inside. I just happen to be a great exception to that rule. ;-)

Next day…

I said to myself, I gotta have you.

See, I want to be on you like someone you think about all day.

Although, I don’t look for you anymore but when you come.

I’ll remember the date, and thank Him for blessing it.

I don’t look for her, I just pray for her, pray that when she mets me it’s one of those rainy days and she’s sitting outside crying, just so she can walk in from the rain and blame the water on the weather, because Ms. Perfect always tries to hide her tears.

I pray that when she sees me, i’m reciting a poem in front of her and all of her friends…that’s where where i’d like out story to begin.

But until that day…

I just pick up pens and let the world know that I want her..and I want her Heavy.


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