Happy 2010

Happy New Year!!

It’s 6:15 on New years day, and the year is 2010. I am hanging out with my bestest Hakeem now, we’re making dinner :-) and then..the bar.

Last night? Out of control. We went to this club in Brooklyn (NY, for my special people :-D) named ‘Hoopz’. It was a gay club, and the lesbians were out of control, and the gay men were few and far between. However, no one was attractive. ::Sigh::

The club had a promotion for NYE, (new years eve) $1 to get in before 1am. However, me and my fellow comrades have brown skin and did not make it in time to catch the promotion so we paid $20 per person.

We had a great time! I spent NYE with my comrades Hakeem, Ivy, Gidget, Sean, Titi, and Sharisse.
We started the evening drinking of course. Bacardi (3 bottles), Moscato, and UV. Sorry Diddy, no Circo. Then…we all hopped on the hofstra bus, barely made the Flatbush train leaving Mineola station. Jumped into a dollar van, and was pocket RAPED; $20 for the dollar van? I hear that.

Then our designer boats, shoes, and sneakers begin down Atlantic avenue. First stop a club called LANGSTONS between Atlantic and Cecile ave. Bouncer yells, “It is now 30 DOLLARS at the door! no compromise” we pass the word down the line waiting at the door and then process to HOOPS. Then it was time to dance into the new year.

The sexiest thing in the club was the bartender. Amazing body, and it was something about that smile. I actually wanted to ask her a question, but that COULD have been the alcohol.

But of course shorty that dancing crazy in the corner is dying to know my name. So it was only right that I spelled it out. S-H-A-D-E-L (lol)

I actually stepped out of character on the dance floor. I just poured the water in my cup on her back, I don’t know who her was but she was freezing but didn’t stop dancing.

I mean…

My intentions weren’t to be an asshole, but I was HOT and the cup of water ended up on both of us

.:Shrug like Nelly in the Tip Drill vid:.

Anyway, a lot of fun, all kinds of music. Gidget thought she lost her purse and jacket but it was where she left it, #outofcontrol. Sharisse was knocked out in the club on the couch on the lower level, #Fail. Sean and Hakeem were keeping the couches warm and toasty, as Sean would hop up for an occasional dub, #Classic. Titi and I were “In da club” as 50 would say.

Walked in the club feeling great. Left the spot feeling like I put it down because that is exactly what I did indeed. I left with a soaked back and a scratch on my arm. I think someone gave me the scratch as they were trying to hold on (#letsgetdirty). We left at 5:15am the club was open ’til 8am.
Had the hardiest time getting back, but that is always expected because at this point we are sobering up or just SHIT and TIRED. So NO ONE ever knows how to get back, this is when Ivy gets down with her incredible drunk directions. #happynewyear


People are leaving the club as we are, but the party is still happening. So we’re in the subway and seeing the drunk girls on the way to the platform. Gidget is all over the place, and I was just making sure Ivy didn’t kill Gidget. She really wanted to. I’m using all real names because why not! #random

We get all the way to Mineola to get in our beds and we are in the waiting room for an hour and its 7am at this point. We’re all looking like NYE, Sharisse and I are knocked out on Ivy, Sean is leaning over in his seat, Hakeem is sleeping sitting up. Titi and Ivy are the only two awake. Everyone there possibly going to work are looking as us like we’re those new aliens and shit.

Not to be continued…i’m gettin dizzy talking about that night


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