New Opportunites! …Bitch lol

A lot of great things have come my way lately and I am extremely blessed and thankful for all the opportunities that I have been given. Yesterday I met with and interviewed SABIT NYC for FRSHPulp ( and it was INCREDIBLE. I can’t wait for it to be published by the Boss Lady so I can put it up on my Blog joint.

WHATEVER I POST, I DO IT BECAUSE I find it interesting or I really just want to share it. ::Shrugs::

I’m not out for the fame. I don’t want you to CARE that I posted about Joya Bravo. Care about Joya Bravo and that she has something OUT.

Her mission? I don’t know I just enjoy her music (at least what I know lol) and I’m tired of Nicki Manaj’s influence. She is turning some of the young women of my generation into straight birds and it is completely unattractive. I want us to have goals, dreams, and WANTS. I need for us to NOT have pink hair especially when we know we are NOT Nicki and it will not look the same on us.

Really don’t care about her image, to each it’s own. So far she’s presented herself like a lady in the YOUNG MONEY VIDEO and that’s pleasant. When it comes to her lyrics, got vulgarity? Yes, Indeed but who isn’t vulgar these days. Will Smith retired…so who else?



NICKI, you’re doing your thing, but all the little Barbie’s running around, ladies stop…PLEASE

Have your OWN style, your OWN image, get some FLAVOR. Make something up!

That’s what’s IN nowadays.

Right now I’m on the MEAN job search and it is draining and Really hope to find something soon. Please keep me in your daily thoughts and prayers.

Peace and blessings, and NEVER STOP DANCING!! (#imserious)

Yours truly,

Hrsh Reyalitee


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