Dedicated to My Father

His favorite song was a gospel song called “Cooling Water” (can’t remember who sings is..i’ll get back about that one), and now I know how cooooll the water really is.

Thank Daddy…R.I.P

COOLING WATER written by: Hrsh Reyalitee

Blessings are pouring down on me. Umbrella? No thank you please.

Blessings are rushing to my feet like ocean waves.
Nah I wanna keep my socks and sneakers on.

When I take them off and dry my feet, I wanna stick them back in my cold sneaks and feel the chills of God’s abundance in my life bump up on my legs, arms, and make my choppers chatter.

I wanna hang my socks out on the line so the breeze can stiffing them.

Then I want to put on a new pair so that everything that I put on can experience the feeeeelll of God.

Blessings engulf me like a 6 foot pool to my 5’4 frame as if I jumped in the deep in not realizing how deep it truly was. It’s kind of like God.

I let him into my life knowing that he was Good, but realized How Excellent is thy Name

I use God’s love like Cooling Water to wet my face to wash away the shame, and cast away the blame.

I’ve been baptized for the second time, and now I wet my soul with words and Drown my sorrows in stanzas.

Dedicated to my Father

Deacon Gaston Preddy


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