Lyle Bentley was Founded in 2007 as a custom design line dedicated to young trendsetters. We felt the line should embody who we are; urban, preppy & playful Head Designer & creator Robby Bentley believes that art imitates life, so as the pens and pencils continue on their beaten path, the lines use of colorful patterns & playful concepts exudes and displays what lyle bentley is all about.

-Lyle Bentley

I must say lyle Bentley is type popping, my man Chris Beltran came through with Lyle Bentley for a fashion show that went down on campus at Hofstra University. The clothes were fly and im not surprised cuz my boy is fly and he’s on twitter :-) yay!

For more info and the latest trends from LYLE BENTLEY check out

___tell ’em HRSH sent you :-P___


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