#nowplaying So Ambitious- Jay-Z


So I close my eyes to see my dreams
I open them and lean into my rearview mirror
“Images in mirror are closer than they appear”

Through the glass I can see my past is trying to catch up with me.
But that will never be.

I’m focused to never miss a beat
I’m running a race, with my heart beating like I’m always seeing the finish line
I’m flying like I’m on a drug
I’m sweating like I am Legend
I’m excited like my birthday is tomorrow EVERYDAY!

I can’t let what was, take over my mind and take up the room that is designated for what is to come.

I am the driver and I don’t wear seatbelts due to the fear of ANYTHING holding me back.

I keep both hands on the wheel because I feel like they’re always watching me

I stop at every gas station so my tank is always on the FULL side. I know what it feels like to be empty…

To be continued.

-Hrsh Reyalitee


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