So you show me everything that I want
but i’m afraid to see if it’s everything that I need

you tell me everything I need
but that’s not what I want

You want everything that I have
but I don’t have everything to give you

You say give you my all
But my ALL is too much

You say you love me too much
I say you’ve never had a broken heart

You say you’ve broken hearts before
Well so have I…

you say I love you
I say I love you too I mean, that’s what LOVe is suppose to do.
what else would I say?

who are you?
You tell me your LOVE

you ask me who I am…
no hesitiation, i’m possibly your dream

You don’t trust me?
of course I do, that’s why you got the truth

You can’t be guarded forever you know
oh you can tell? So make me take it down

iight G’z…


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