Sooo my mans Nelson hits me up on the TWEET jus as he should cuz that what YOU should be doing (yes, you the muthafucka reading this, its @Hrshreyalitee). But he told me to check out his blog. I always want to show love where love is due and that is what I do and what I do lol. BUT …Since I met him at the good ol’ J Jerk a Mofo HOFSTRA UNIVERSITY, he has been on his kick game.  Not only is he getting this BIG UP on my BLOG because of his BLOG, but because he is also an appreciator (yes i made my own word lol) of the good music from the R.O.C/ Rocafella La Familia and with that alone he gets props from me. BOY BOY rep PARK SLOPE! check eeemmm ouutttt


Now that you’ve done that follow him on twitter.


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