My familiar…Reaction  CHECK OUT a blog by REVIZION

@revizion posted this link on twitter and said READ & REACT….guess what I did lol

“What is your familiar..Do tell”

When I read the question, I guess you can say about A MILLION things went thru my head, but EVERYTHING can not be your familiar (if u read the article by Alice Walker you’ll understand). So I FOUND IT. I found my familiar.

THIS was my reaction, I posted it on twitter originally. (I’m in love w. twitter smh)

@HrshReyalitee It’s amazing how we treat the things that have always been by our sides. Once the blindfolds are removed and FAMILIAR is gone from us now it’s beautiful..but it was ALWAYS beautiful…appreciation is the lesson, Loyalty is the response

@revizion y is appreciation so underrated? …why do we WAIT til it’s too late? Why do we wait for the 2nd chance to make it better…

@Hrshreyalitee Never forget where you came from…you’ll get caught up in where your going and lose yourself. When you WANT to find you…you’ll be gone

@revizion word, if u don’t some1 else will and you’ll be stuck on the steps dumbfounded by beauty you’ve always seen but never acknowledged

This is CRAZY TRUE…all of it. We want to shout to the heavens our appreciation and gratitude once it can’t heard, or when it no longer wants to be heard. Why are we unable to utter the praise while in the moment when it is due? We always say “I give respect where respect is do” but do we?

It seems like we give respect when it is being recognized by everyone, or when it has left our presence never to return.

Don’t get me wrong, praise can not be given to someone off the bat no, and honestly saying kind words all the time don’t mean anything if actions are telling a whole different story. Sometimes we even get tongue tied and can’t even come up with something to say or the RIGHT thing to say. I understand, sometimes the beauty that we find in our Familiar is so breathe taking that all we can do is sit or stand there and feel our heart beat out of control, as we try to keep our cool lol. You want to say how you feel you can’t because the music that they bring to you is SO LOUD that your thoughts are ALLL OVER THE PLACE lol

You want to tell them how much you care,  but you do the opposite and show them how frustrated you can be, and not talk to them. When all you really want to do is say…I love you, and I’m sorry. If your familiar is there when you get back still buzzin all over you like it JUST fell in love (swayze) consider yourself blessed.

Sometimes that isn’t even the case, sometimes we are really trying to invite others into our temple, invite others into WHO WE ARE, yet hiding what IS FAMILIAR TO US. Not realizing the things that we are most familiar with is exactly WHO we are. How can I invite you into ME…the room that I call my temple. Decorated with pictures of bridges from corner to corner, without telling about the force pushing behind me at the time to ensure that I got over.  HUGE pictures, hanging with rope hooked to rusted nails sticking out of the wall. Without my familiar they are nothing but FRAMES displaying hallmark defaults.

Sometimes you go ON and ON and ON about “I did this” and “I did that” and “We should come together and do this” talking to one that you met yesterday on stairs that the familiar introduced you to. Did you at least mention them? No? …ok

I’ve always treated my familiar well honestly. It isn’t because I’m this great and amazing person, Nah not at all. I’m just as human as the rest of them. I laugh, I cry, I get mad, I can be stubborn, and I can be irrational at times. BUT I know beautiful and amazing when I SEE IT, and I have to appreciate it especially when it’s looking back at ME of all creatures. Don’t get me wrong I am NOT the worst lol I’m just FAR from perfect. I’ve made a lot of mistakes that YES I’VE LEARNED FROM AND AM STRONGER NOW BECAUSE OF, but never perfect. I still have growing to do, and my familiar loves me anyway. What I know best, and what was always here with me from the start, through the good, and the bad, and the ugly IS STILL HERE. When honestly, it never had to show up if it really didn’t want to.

I am always for meeting new people and showing people (WHO ARE WORTH IT, being worth it is simply being yourself, fake need not apply )a piece of who I really am, but they have to know where come some point. Just as I’d like to know where you come from, this goes for people I want to call FRIEND, and someone I would want to call Love.  THIS WAY and ONLY this way will you appreciate me, and in appreciating me, you are appreciating my familiar, and that will always ensure it that I am loyal, and appreciative, and it is loved and cared for, and thought of.

I said a lot just now, it all just poured out of me…I’ll edit it later, but for now…enjoy ME, RAW, REAL….HONEST


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