Damn, it’s been a while huh…

I know.

I’m just waiting for my fears to pass, I have alot to say. My blackberry is flooded with new pieces that have been seen by my eyes only. I’m dying to share but…I’m paranoid, but I don’t want to discuss my paranoia further, Lol.

So, moving right along with what I want to talk about right quick.

I like blog (obviously) and I run across some of the Dopest blogs of them all. (I can’t recall them all because I don’t keep the link.) BUT today I made sure that I didn’t hit the X before copying and pasting the link.



Her name is Devynity, the poet & MCEE

I enjoyed the interview so much probably because she reminds me a lot of myself.  A spoken word poet with a deep love for Hip-Hop. Every time I think of Hip-Hop I smile as if Hip Hop was the one always on my left side (Hip hop I love ya baby)



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