tRy POet

So I’ve just been clicking through some old Def Poetry Jam vidz, and I came across a few of my favorites. They are my favorites because I can relate to them or I can appreciate the delivery.


Gina Loring’s delivery is amazing. I love her voice. I love her tone. I love her Locs. I love Her Lol. WoW.

Helena D. went in, I liked this one Lol I laughed a lot.

If you know ME, then you know which ones I relate to, and some may make you laugh, or cry. whatever.

I hope everyone’s having good days and peaceful nights. Life is wild and crazy and we gotta hold on. PLEASE don’t forget about the #Sensexperience i’m going to post more info about it and the link to see what the Sensexperience is about. PLEASE join me in this project. I already have a few entries and i welcome more! :-)

I have a lot to talk about, alot to blog about but I have little if not NO TIME, so most of the time i’ll only be posting poems. SOOOOOOOOO read and enjoy.


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