The Day was 7/17/2010 when I Found Courage…

It was a Saturday in Brooklyn, NY.

I was outside the Crib chillin, doing what I do (You know Lol) and I saw a group of people surrounding a parked car, looking under neath trying to call someone or something.

The attempt was a failure.

“Is that a cat?” said a dear friend of mine, and I replied “nah, it can’t be”.


But the scene piqued my curiosity and I had to inquire.  I went over to the parked car looked underneath and saw a small kitten sitting there scared to death, filthy, and of course hungry. I laid down in the street on the blacktop as if the order was given to “Ge- Ge- Get down  on the ground” and held out my hand in the direction of the frightened Little FeLION.

At first, the Kitten was hesitant, I said in a small voice “Come on, I’m not gonna hurt you..promise” within seconds the small kitten inched her way cautiously in my direction.

My first thought, “How did you survive this heat?”

My Second thought, “I wonder if she’ll like her new home?” Taking her in and caring for her was not a question. I just hoped she’d like me.

So I flipped her over in my palm and said “It’s a Girl…I’m naming her Courage.”

I decided to name her Courage because that week the Kitten and Myself had proven to be Courageous. In the beginning of that particular week, I had started out feeling very worrisome, alone, and experienced stress that I’ve never experience before.

(I’m not one for details, so I’ll stay away from them)

Although, I felt as though I couldn’t do it, and wanted to run away or just give up. I knew that I couldn’t. I knew I had a point to prove, a bridge to cross, a puzzle to solve, I kept pushing. There were nights that I thought the storm was over, but it really just got worst.  (If you tell me to tell you the story in real life, I will make it sound easy…so get it here, i really hate details sometimes Lol.) I reached a point of hopelessness on the inside but kept pushing through it all.

Moments After we met

Clearly that is what the little kitten did. I’m sure she started off all good. Then I’m sure it all went bad, but even in her short life span thus far..she found the Courage to stay alive and not die. She’s only a kitten, she can fit in the palm of my hand.  Kitten’s are to be treated delicately, and with Care.  Not to found dirty, full of bugs, and shaking underneath a car in Brooklyn. She found the Courage to survive, she found the courage to walk around, she found the Courage to come to Me…

She’s my gift of Courage. I’m her gift of Life.

Ladies and Gents. I’d like for you to meet…



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