So THIS MORNING (8/31/2010) I was walking thru the park on my way to the A as usual.

I see people on my way  to the subway every morning, so I say good morning to everyone;  yes, every morning. I always look for the familiar faces, I like consistency, so I’ll say good morning to you every morning until you don’t want me to anymore, I SWEAR. (So if you don’t want me to say good morning you better turn around, ignore me or don’t be outside while I’m walking to work, Lol)

I walked up and he was paying me no mind. As I  pasted where he was seated, he of course lifted his head with all intentions to put it back down. I said good morning and gave a slight smile. Then he decided to make my day…

He was sitting holding his cane, had on the old man hat. A pop belly and of course the granddaddy pants that come mid leg as he was seated on the park bench.

He was wearing a scowl.

Not as if he was angry, but as if he was an old black man relaxing in the park.

So… I proceeded to the train, then I stopped when I realized he was talking to me. He said “This is for that smile pretty lady”, in his best grandpa voice. Then  low but loud enough for me to hear, he sang Unforgettable by Nat King Cole. I was in shock, I was amazed, I was speechless, and I didn’t know I could smile that wide at 7:45 in the morning while i’m already running late to work! Lol.

The part of the Nat King Cole song he chose to serenade my smile with was ” Unforgettable/ that’s what you are/ unforgettable/ near or far/ never before/ has someone been more/ unforgettable/ in every way /and forevermore that’s how you’ll stay” and he ended there, and tipped his hat, and told me to have a good day, and said a little small talk about how he couldn’t sing but..I disregarded that statement.

Then I walked to the subway like a little girl who just heard the GREATEST lullaby from her Pops. :-)

I wish he knew how much he made my day ,as possibly my week, oh God…my month even?

Unforgettable, is that old man.

Unforgettable, is this morning.

The Sun sent him through Her rays. I thanked Her for Him, and thanked Him for my smile.

The moral of the story..you never know who finds your smile unforgettable. Keep smiling.

-Hrsh Reyalitee


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