Free Verse 9/20/2010

I put food in front of you

you still cry of hunger.

Soon the food will be gone.

You will be ignored, and then you’ll call me heartless.

Then I’ll truly be able to relate to the rays of the sun that shine down, but are never felt…

The life is such a lonely one…

but I smile wider with each day that passes, and I have no passion for tears that have no need to fall.

I laugh in the face of your fears….and lead a kiss of reassurance to what’s left of your confidence as it stands uneasy with shaky knees.

I speak and no one hears me.

Just bitten bottom lips when it’s words I spew.

Sadden I am, unbalanced due to passion overload describes you.

Soon, I give up…I’m not getting through.

Then even every response is YES, but no Question nor test was given to you.

-Hrsh Reyalitee


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