When was the Last Time?

When was the last time I wrote a post like..from the heart that WAS NOT poetry?

I can’t remember either, it’s cool, Lol.


Let’s talk about LIFE! I have no complains.

Why do I have no complaints? because what can I possibly complain about? The growth that I’ve experienced over the past few months shocks me.

I’ve done a few things that I am not proud of but even in those things, I’ve learned and I’ve bettered myself.

I am far from perfect, and I am not immune to the symptoms of being a human beings.  I just try to not let my humanness be an excuse for the bullshit that I’ve done.


AAAAhhhh enough of that!! :-)


The poem that I just posted today ‘MY FIRST LOVE’ inspired me to write this.


I went to an Open Mic last night, and honestly I’m still speechless. All of the artist were incredible. Some brought humor, some poured out their heart, some required hugs after, because LOVE will leave you in need of a muhfuckin HUG sometimes, Lol.


Then I hit the MIC and when I was done reciting my piece, I didn’t know what to think. The clarity that was already acknowledge just became THAT much MORE clear.

I had been writing that particular piece and rewriting it and editing it for some time now, and I never share it with anyone. I was afraid to share it with friends because,  honestly even friends judge you. (The only person that I could share it with was Hakeem because he’s the ONLY person that knows me whole heartedly, and I know him just as well. So him reading it is appreciating the art, because he already knows every emotion behind each word. YES, Bestie status and shit).

The piece isn’t one to over analyze but people have a hard time stepping out of their feelings, and just be understanding. You can express the way YOU feel and they react, knowing that they don’t need to react to your feelings in such a negative manner like you just ruined lives, what the fuck! Lol.

BUT the piece reminded me of my RELATIONSHIP with poetry. I call it a relationship because their is a level of privacy between the two of us, there are things that I share with poetry that I don’t share with anyone else.

I have pieces I won’t share.

Me and Poetry have been together since I was eleven years old.

There has been times when I didn’t write over the years.

There has been times when I didn’t WANT to write.

There has been times when I couldn’t STOP writing.

There has been times when I got angry with Poetry, and I threw things. (Usually I threw whatever I was writing in.)

I am not a very emotional person. I admit it. I don’t think it’s a flaw. I think it i what is best.

(Honestly, all it means to me is that I don’t trip off of small things, and it takes a lot to get my really angry, and I do not cry very often. It’s hard to get me to the point of tears.)


There has been times when I’ve been brought to tears, my punk ass would hold back tears and watch my face turns red. Then wait til I can get to my secret place with a pen and something to write on and cry my life out, and I’d feel so much better.

(Not that I’ve never cried in front of people, I have, Lol. it’s just that, it takes a lot to get ME there, and i hate to do it. Crying is wack, I like to smile)

There was a time when I said “Ugh” to poetry (writer’s block)

There was a time when Poetry was all I wanted.

I’ve introduced so many people to the art, they fell in love too!

When I was in high school, the person I was with at a particular time HATED writing and I show the person poetry and she dumped me for the notebook that I bought for her! (I say that because I wasn’t feeling the love as often as I once did OR as much as that notebook, Lol.) But I was flattered, I thought it was beautiful. It made me fall even FURTHER in puppy love :-) Lol.

So the point of this is…

Poetry has just ALWAYS BEEN!

When others couldn’t.

Poetry COULD.

I’ll never let go of that kind of Loyalty.

Poetry. My First Love. Til Death Do Us Part.






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