HARSH (adj.) Pronunced [HaHrsh]: Physically uncomfortable, unpleasant, unrefined, relentless, unforgiving, DETERMINED

Today is just AMAZING Lol. No, in every way like…this is. Word.


God is about to do something incredible for me. Actually… No…

God is about to allow ME to do something incredible. God is “laying the foundation for me, so that I can walk as hard as I’d like” -hrsh reyalitee


(I didn’t even quote myself on PURPOSE, I went back and realized that is in the poem Untitled 8/5/2010 I think…i’m pretty sure.  I’ll know I’m wrong by time you read this, Lol. )


I’m so grateful of the blessings that I feel I don’t deserve.



Back when Life started out for me, I didn’t think I would be here. Even with the trials and tribulations I am faced with RIGHT NOW as we speak. IT doesn’t even MATTER to me, my problems are LIGHT WORK now. I didn’t have to be here! I didn’t have to be writing this! That is such a Hrsh Reyalitee for ALL of us, that I think we should do the impossible because we are here.

I don’t want to go into my story. There is no need. It was Hrsh, that why I am Hrsh. Your experiences, and the things you go through shape you. It makes you who you are. That’s why if you lived somewhere else, or if you were in a different situation, you WOULD be a different person.

I DID NOT begin calling myself HRSH REYALITEE because I want people to know how HARD shit is for me, HELL NO, Lol! NO pity parties pleased. Regardless of what happened I am young, beautiful, determined, rough, durable, brilliant, and I HONESTLY believe that these are qualities that we ALL possess! I am no different from anyone. I don’t REEEAAALLLYYY believe in uniqu, maybe special, but not unique, Lol.

HRSH REYALITEE describes YOU. I describe YOU.

I explain US.

WE. We are each other.

You feel me?

We go through the same things, we experience the same JOYS & PAINS.

We just express it differently. That is why when I read my poetry, and I see your face. I know 8/10 it’s because you can relate! You feel me! (You may also just enjoy my word play ;-) Lol. ) I know that’s the reason.

Reality is Harsh: Find yourself in the definition below, find a word that you can relate to and you will find your place in my heart.

DEFINITION ~~> HARSH (adj.) pronounced [HaHrsh]: Physically uncomfortable, unpleasant, unrefined, relentless, unforgiving, DETERMINED, UNWAVERING, PERSISTENT. (YES! it means ALL of these things! It is NOT just negative)

I promise.

I Love You.

I Love You because I Love myself.

I adore you because we are ONE people and I’m suppose to.


I’m getting so far off track it’s ridiculous, Lol.

The point of this POST is to tell you how excited I am, Lol. I feel as though God is doing something incredible in my life. GOD is making things POSSIBLE. God isn’t DOING it, God is telling me to do it.


I like to believe that I do as I am told.






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