Just don’t blame my heart whatever you do…

So maybe beauty doesn’t fade.
Could it be that we haven’t grown with Beautiful?

If that is the case, is that the reason why we think of what was once beautiful to be..
“Not anymore”.

Teach me to grow with the sights I call “wow”, “oh snap” and “dope”.
Can I be more than your compliment machine?
Spewing adoration as if you aren’t aware of your midnight wonder.

Losing focus…
Sky how did you do that?
yes, scientist are on call to calculate your miracles.
Explaining to us how your spirit moves but they don’t call it your spirit.

They don’t think I have one of those either but I think we’d agree they are wrong about us two.

So, maybe I could pull that spin move too?!
Maybe we all can

But back to Beautiful
Hey You, You, and You
and yes,
for certain, You too.

I saw you in the sky last night (December 20, 2010) and it was familiar.

Like you’ve been there before but let me be honest and say I didn’t see you there the night before.

Is that me being aware of your absence or me not being present?

Is it me who was reminded of you
Was it you finally saying “I Miss You, I’ve been here why did you leave?”

Did I leave? Beauty did I?!

That’s the question I left in my head and only revealed to the sky.

Beauty asked me if I was ever here to begin with…

“Last time you looked at me LIKE THIS was a month ago! But why? My stars tonight shine as bright as your eyes, and twinkle like the intro to your smile!”

I Know, I know, I apolog –

“But do You? You’ve been distracted by the desires of your quiet nights! This is Divine Intervention”

I never left you Love

“You never left, indeed this is true. I will never call you Old Friend, Stranger, or stray because NO! You never left but now that you are BACK….just stay”

Okay but-

“Stop explaining your short comings. Your Humanness is expected. However it is not expected to be repeated. Just stay”


-Hrsh Reyalitee


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