COMING JANUARY 2011 Hrsh Reyalitee Presents…

To be honest, I’ve been writing for 11 years now and since the day I began I’ve shed blood, sweat and tears creating my craft; poetry. Blood, sweat, and tears were not shed trying to share my work with the world, creating a dream and struggling to get my voice heard, not at all. They were shed in order for these pieces to be; Life happened. –Hrsh Reyalitee


Ladies & Gentleman

Hrsh Reyalitee Presents….

“To: My Future From: My Past with Love: The Present” (The Book)

This book is the first volume of a collection of Poetry from a young poet by the name of Hrsh Reyalitee from Brooklyn, New York.
“I named it such because this book is the beginning of my journey. Here’s to my future from me; right now. I started writing the book in 2004; “The Past” is the Poems from the book. The dates are there so see growth, and you can also see where I was (for example) in 2003. “The Present” is just that… what I’ve written lately, where I am now.”

More information please contact The Fire Bird Management Team (FBMT):FireBirdMgmt@gmail


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