8:20 pm 2/8/2011

I swear the strangest things happen to me. I’m not complaining. I’m thankful, these happenings are nothing short of “Damn.” (in the best way possible).

Tuesday was a beautiful day; today. I woke up, I almost went to the city to a meeting of all sorts but they canceled. I had grits for breakfast, I took them down as if it were my dying day; humble. The day cool man. Yah it was. Ahh man it was dope.

Plain english. Yawn. Good Morning. Frsh. Hot chai tea. Wide sun beams. E-mails. Interviews. Phone Calls. Work. Me and My Radio. Courage and her kitty delights; brunch. I decided to spit on the trains (Big Up to Street Poets nyc). I kicked it in my brooklyn apartment, music on blast and black clouds of mild winds. What was playing? Get dressed; threw on a T Shirt, Levi’s, Goodwood Africa piece (No Photos Please). Malcolm X Brooklyn ‘A train’; Manhattan bound. I get on the train and I wanted to just go but I waited, but I couldn’t wait for long. When I’m ready, I’m ready. I wasn’t waiting for long. I take my coat off. I spit my hot jive (Poetry; Words; often disguised as 5’4 Ms. Dread). People listened, they clapped, this was a great session in the matter of 8 train stops. I sit down to gain my composure. I’m always nervous. That’s how I know it’s Love; Poetry. She had a guitar case. I told her I liked that she had a guitar. she was a older woman with Locs. I gave her the handout of my contact info; bias. she said she’d hoped I would, she gave me her card. Her name was Lindsey Wilson. She was an actress and currently played a woman by the name of MEG RAMSEY. http://www.Megramsey.com Her site is dope.


She created her own series; A woman named Meg ramsey who leaves Corporate America behind and chases her dreams like her heals are on fire. I watched it, and it felt like I was looking at what life should be. Drop everything and just chase your dreams. Why does your heart beat? What does it beat for. Awesome feeling to think of your purpose. She was awesome. The stop was Fulton st Nassau. I get off. Back to Brooklyn. ‘A train’ Far Rockaway bound. I haven’t to been to far rock in a minute. Take my coat off again. I like to be comfortable, no matter where I am. I mean, I already had the nerve to be there. Hey Courage. Now is probably when I thought of my Love. I miss Her. Smile. I spit my jive on the first train car I get on, I walk down to the end of the car when I finished. He asked if I could do it again because I was so far down he could hear me. A guy next to him looked like a student or artist of some sort. He wore that Nikon camera with confidence. I said I would say the first piece again and I did. He asked me about my Poetry. We spoke for the next two stops. He was on the way to Broadway Junction. Mr. Nikon interupted and asked if he could get a photo of the tattoo on my arm. I could see the sincerity in his eyes, he got his photo. He heard the conversation between me and Mister I couldn’t hear. He asked for another picture. It was kinda cool. I wasn’t expecting someone to call me art today. He gave me his card. http://www.humansofnewyork.com. I knew that.


Turns out Mister holla if you hear me was a Minister. He adored black women, in a manner that every black women deserve and require as far as he knows. He had am amazing story. He was a great man. He told me to keep in touch. He spoke of things that I’ve spoken all about with my friend Nicole. Sev. She’s the dopest. I had a great day. I went home. Back to my World. My domain. Yeah.



– Hrsh


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