Two people called me the Subway Poet!!

Yeaaahhh, it was kind of dope Lol.

That’s how IT started… Street Poets.
Subway Poets because it was cold outside, so the subway was public and perfect, Lol.

Still on the A train tho! usually on a tuesday, best times are on Sunday.

People listen, ignore, clap, love, some people offer to give me money.

Yo, one time a man said “Here is my last cigartte and some fare(a quarter)”, then gave me a hug.

The other’s laughed but knew he was being sincere.

Shit like that makes it worth it.
That’s where I go, “I think I might have touched a few folk”

Whenever my peers see me on the train, they tell how they couldn’t do it, they wouldn’t have the confidence. I understand.. to an extent, yes it does take a lot of confidence and Courage but No, I think there wrong about the “they couldn’t do it” Lol. Yes You cOuld. If You Wanted to.

But I Love it. However I won’t be on the A for long, we going to say what up to the J train, let’s keep it in Brooklyn for now. <3

– Hrsh


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