‘I Talk To Myself’

Come out
even through this pen.

Get off me!

Something so heavy, and yet so nameless.

I can feel you.

What have I done

I’m tormented at night because YOU may never change

You will forever be the consistancy of my heart beat.

Look at YOU
“Mirror, mirror …help me prevail through the vail” (Hrsh Reyalitee 2003)

what they doubt about


I Love you but

Get off me!

Even through this pen

come out

let go of me please

Love me forever though

Always smile when you moan my name

I moan yours


How do you make it in your own league!?

by yourself!

You showed me

Play by your own rules.

We use to be a team – but your still here

“Present!” the student said to the teacher

class is over


come out!

even through..this pen

I Love you.

– hrsh reyalitee


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