JULY 30, 2011

This is today. As it is, and the way it should be. I thank God, My Parents (R.I.P Daddy), and life for it all.

At the present moment, I’m doing something I haven’t done in quite some time. Relax. Alone. No stress that I’m attending to at the moment, No noisy best friends, no class-less naysayers, no rehearsals, no rehearsing; I always find it wasteful to rehearse the day of a show, you’re either ready or you’re not. However as I was saying…yeah, no hustle and bustle of MTA, until 4pm at least. It is 2:37 pm; I don’t have my phone and I’m all alone up the block from my crib in a coffee full of beautiful brown people. I don’t know what’s on the radio but it’s nice. It reminds me of how much I miss times like these. Reminds me of rooms filled with mirrors, water fronts, Mary Jane Jackson, and conversations with my Mother… pretty much any where I reflect.

I’m wondering aimlessly on the internet. I find it wasteful to do anything on performance days, but I swear I haven’t had a performance day, or any day quite like this one.

Last night was dope…

I performed with DaRuddest Jones for Rude T.ee V.ee and it was a phenomenal show. It went a lot better that I was hoping and that feeling always feels like it’s one in a million, even a million times. It also reminded me about the struggle we call ART. There was prayer, frustration, love, laughter, tears, cheers, and Poetry. I mention poetry last because some of the LIFE components that I had mentioned before it IS what makes it.

As far as what I was reminded of…



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