Tense wouldn’t begin to explain my behavior.
I’ll begin with irate, vexed, bitter, alone, catastrophic.
And not to fall off topic but,
I stopped smoking weed like precincts is where I copp’d it.

Sanity was inside of my locket.
Chaos was in my pocket
and the key is.. not next to me.

I never had the key
IF I did I would have never gotten locked out of my heart to begin with.

I started sentences and I never finished, I have Poems begging for beginnings

Sometimes, even a rhyme in a stanza can be as freelance as an answer.
Off the top, out of nowhere, dead in the middle to make a close kin say… “What happened?”

I stand over the dearly departed looking in the face of suicide’s love child.
You almost killed yourself.

Ms. June
You won the battle.pinned to the ground is not all that I have in common with a ground ball..on the right surface I too bounce back higher.

And with that said
Yes, I get high like I use too.
Smoke mary jane like I made the sound only for ME to groove to.
Paradise in my cigar I always say.

Paradise was gone for some time.
Paradise must never leave me again…at least not for so long.
Life without you is hell and no, no I’m not speaking to Mary Jane.
She knows paradise too but without her Paradise is a little different.
I appreciate the differences.


Ever felt like you were about to lose your mind?

I almost did, but I caught Me just in time.

Sometimes you have to Encourage Yourself.


One comment on “REHAB.

  1. Hello!This beautiful, brkeon kale looks familiar.You came by our stand (Queens County Farm Museum) and gave me one of your cards.Your work is . . . I want to say pitch-perfect , but I’m not sure that makes sense.So clean and vivid and full of light.Thank you,Keha

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