I’m floating
and I’m not coming off this ride
I Love the way I feel inside
Eyes closed, yet wide
Come along on my ride as I fly
This is the day in the life
Of a free soul
call me Gold
It’s not rare…just overlooked I suppose
And I’m a rose, and a Dove and the wrapper I use to roll it up
I’m working to be the Queen of this like those in line of royalty
Up next on the throne is I
or maybe I’m high
I have to stop rhyming with my flow
BUT, with these featherless wings I fly
That’s how I get fly
Sitting on the air planes, with my pad and pen Ballin’
Lost in the trance of serenity
With the thought of Reality killing me softly
Counting down the seconds ‘til I fall
Holding on to hopes and dreams
While still in the same spot…I never left
But I never felt so tall
You never looked so wrong
Placing doubts on me
I’ve never played this song
To soundtrack your insecurities
But I’m playing
These words that I’m saying
Devoted to never leave
Above it all, just be patient
Coming in for landing
To pick up my best friend
And that friend is nothing less than, my passion
For reacting out to the sins, I call classics
Because we learn them in classes
I’m trynna look past it
Trying not to get my ass kicked
By those who’s devotion is in motion
So I remain focused, but on these smoke clouds I’m choking
I’m getting lifted, like I’m smoking her kisses
Get high and see…come take this flight with me
I’ll take u through the sky
Holding onto a bottle as I waddle
on our way to cloud nine&nb sp;
How divine to sip wine beneath the greatest in sin
Questionable is my sanity
Indeed, but I’m high
Lets get blown like we some bubble gum
Blow bubbles like its pink bubble yum
Take the fall into eternal damnation
Never mind…we there already
On the way through the atmosphere, breathe heavy
Even though there’s no oxygen to breathe
Think about how close to the edge we would be
sitting high HIGH on the clouds
or would u call it blasphemy?
My flow is sinful, see?
To sit in the upper room where the Pastor’s be?
I’d rather be on the curb of disaster see
It’s natural to me…what a perm don’t know how to be
Chemical free…like the herb in me
Or these flows give the people
Worry free guarantee
would you like to go on this ride with me?
Think rationally…
My thoughts incomplete like third grade sentences
Although I try and finish it

written by: Hrsh Reyalitee


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