Today. I got a Monkey off my back… Now it’s holding on by my waist.

I consider us family. So.. here it goes. So my feelings got hurt and shit. Loyalty was sacraficed. Details aren’t necessary. I guess you can call this getting it off my chest. I still have Love in my heart for the motherfucker that took a shard to my heart. I still Love them because all I have is memories, and they are still dear to me. They are still very much the truth. The Love was once soul for real it was almost tangible but still Priceless. That was my nigga. So I wrote a poem. I usually don’t curse in my Poetry because I listen to the blues (Billie Holiday is my favorite), and Jazz to me is Poetry. BUT I did this time because I’m healing and anger changes you. That’s why we have to learn Peace and let’s not forget, I’m only human. A contradiction in socks and sneakers. A Poet with a high fever because this bullshit is making me sick. But anyway… I went to an Open Mic tonight to spit my shit. My people loved it, but most importantly. I felt a lot better after spittin’ it. Poetry in Motion because the words are thick and I’m really living it. I still Love though’. I still Love You. I haven’t forgiven shit yet though. But I do see that I need to. For my own sake. I Love Y’all #WORDONTHESTREET family. Peace.


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