First I want to say…Thank You.

Fire Bird Management Team is now able to PAY ONE FEATURE PER OPEN MIC SHOW beginning JANUARY 2012! This is because of strong support from the people. The People standing by the people. The Open Mic is funded by NO COMPANY, NO SPONSOR. ONLY FIRE BIRD MANAGEMENT TEAM and THE PEOPLE WHO SUPPORT! I want us all to grow together! I have many plans to make this all possible, but it all means nothing without the help of the people, and the family and friends that support us. THANKS TO YOU we can keep green in our circle, our community, our people, from our hearts! CONTINUE TO SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESS!

I began a journey with STREET POETS NYC 2 years ago. In the beginning it was just me, but along the way just being alive and blessed to help others I was able to have a partner join me, then after time more Artist decided to come along and join me on the way to what I call; Utopia.

Where Poets and Emcees are the realest of the land. While keeping the essence of Black Culture, Love, Pro blackness, Unity of all people, flavor, hip hop, the blues and all the tings that rings our freedom bell. Keeping words and word play to the forefront and surrounding one another with LOVE.

It began with Me spitting on the train, and at school, and just because I was feeling it with the intentions of developing myself as a Black Poet. I was tired of the stiff Open Mic scene. Where the vibe is growing more and more like church, a routine, a chore, I was faking it because everyone else was. I wanted to perform somewhere real, and where there is nothing real around you, you simply surround yourself with Real. I wanted to see real people. I wanted to see the people that Poets say be going THROUGH IT in life, that never come out to the Open Mic show because the door charge is $10 AND there’s a two drink minimum, and if you come after 10, the charge is $15. Wack.
I’m young.
I’m black.
I’m powerful.
and I’m broke.
I wanted to see the people I could relate to and the ones that could relate to me.
I wanted to meet the people who want to talk to me after I finish a Poem hoping I end before their stop because…they realized I am not the zombie we all seem to be while riding the subway. They realize, the are not alone, for real.
I am LOVE, everywhere and all the time.
I wanted to spit a poem without worrying about being judged by the people I know. Sometimes strangers do you best.
Now I want what’s best for YOU. I’m good.

STREET POETS NYC has held an Open Mic over the past year in the STREET POETS DEN IN BEDSTUY BROOKLYN! If you want info about the next one email

We charge $10 per person for the open mic, the free drinks, the smoking section, and the other things that you wouldn’t know about unless you were in the den :-P

I don’t want people to think that we take the money and RUN. Hell No.

FIRE BIRD MANAGEMENT TEAM uses the money for the drinks, the venue/space, flyers, photography, videography and now we are able to use the money to PAY THE FEATURES. Now we are only able to pay ONE feature; the main feature, usually the first name you see on any street poets open mic flyer.
we understand that performing is not easy, and dreams need funding (and the OPEN DISCUSSION is where you should be btw, it’s where neighborhood watch meets the black panthers) and to be able to do this is a major accomplishment for us.

THIS is what FBMT is all about, FREE marketing for Artist, creating a platform for artist to not only perform but also, get paid for it!
FIRE BIRD MANAGEMENT TEAM, is really a team! Who is the team? ;-) Soon very soon, FACES will be behind the name <3

I Love You, For Real.



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