I’m diggin’ this Yo


Who am I?
Cheerful, happy, always has a smile for everyone

Who am I?
Charming, polite, its a real pleasure to meet you too

Who am I?
Oh, she’s so nice
I’m so glad she’s my friend
I have to make her my friend

Who am I, really?
Everyone goes “She’s my friend”
“She’s the best, always puts others first”

Who am I?
Am I this person they all describe
This person who looks more like a fragment of me
Am I really who they think I am or am I just as they see me, a facade, a face that I put on to hide the me which might not be accepted

Who am I?
My thoughts; the ones I never share with anyone
My actions; the ones no one ever sees
My fears; the ones nobody knows and shows when friends go
My beliefs; the ones I hold…

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