July 16,2012

New York, New York — Poet/Performance Artist HRSH REYALITEE will be performing live on thursday July 26th, 2012 at the Raw Artist Mixology Concert at the M1-5 Lounge in New York City! Tickets are $10.

Hrsh Reyalitee is known for her striking performance, and elaborate stage presence. She illustrates Artistry through lifestyle, service, and performance to keep the light on reality. Hrsh Reyalitee is most proud of her work with the Von King Cultural Arts Center in Brooklyn, New York.  “‘The whole ‘It’s takes a village’ thing, working before my very eyes, it really does work” (-Hrsh Reyalitee); She is the host of the Teen Open Mic at the center every month while grade school is in section. An event where teens between the ages of 10-19 commune to express themselves, and most importantly in front of their peers. A place where youth are reciting Poetry with purpose, and are relieved by the opportunity to be heard.

You’ve seen Hrsh Reyalitee featuring with the Bowery Poetry Club, The Nuyorican Poets Cafe, The Street Poets Den, St. Joseph’s College, Hofstra University, The Renaissance Room, Rising Star Magazine and Hot 97, and  more. Now, support Hrsh Reyalitee as she works with Raw Artist and performs in the Mixology concert! Click here and purchase your tickets now! Thank you for supporting your local Artists in advance.

– The Street Blogger



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