Job Posting



When Searching for jobs, many are faced with MAJOR issues. The biggest issue is simple: Peopl Are Not being Hired.

My name is Shadel Preddy, and I am looking for Women and Men who are just ready to make money and join team FBMT. Right now, I have members of my team making $600 per week with MCA.



You can think it is a scam if you’d like but the benefits speak volumes.


Prerequisites: High School diploma, energetic personality, availability

Only click the below link if you are seriously ready to end your job search and begin making money.   I will be posting again at a later date. I am not taking many new hires at a time because business is great, I’m able to spend more time with everyone and help them run their teams. I’d like to keep it this way, to make your transition as smooth as possible.

The job market is not at it’s best, but here is a opportunity that can change that for sure. The deadline to respond to this ad is FEBRUARY 10TH, as this is when we will begin training.


For further information contact me at I can be contacted directly at any time.


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