Are you ready to make some Money?

I joined and I have benefits that you wouldn’t believe. Yes, this is Shadel (Hrsh Reyalitee) actually sending this to you. Why? Because I am a Poet who wants to make my dreams come true and be self made. I don’t want to have to ask for thousands from a sponsor so they can regulate my business ventures. I want the ability to provide for myself and flip my OWN cash.

My day job is wack because it’s not ME making the millions, it’s not my dream. I don’t even CARE about the shit my job sells really….I don’t think anyone at my job does. We give it or all because we need money.

I have people on my team making $500 a week from only signing up 1 person per day! It’s real. If you think it’s a scam. YOU ARE A SCAM!!!!

I write in big font because I WANT you to read this. You can contact me anytime, I am not hiding. I am real. I am open. I am succeeding, and I want the same for you. Join Me. 

Yes If you make money, so will I. So this means I want you to make A LOT. See the incentive for me to support you 100%?

You may have a job that doesn’t give you benefits, or you just need some MORE MONEY. MCA gives you those benefits and they also give you a chance to make money with them. I have a 9-5 it doesn’t cut it. If your like me, motivated and ready….. Click HERE and join my team. I’ll have you started and making money by FRIDAY. No joke. Let’s get motivated and let’s move these dreams. Click, if you ready to have dental, hospital coverage, life insurance, vision insurance and roadside assistance.

You can sign up via the link above or you can EMAIL ME DIRECTLY and we can get started!

I am especially looking for people in NYC or New Jersey! I want to work with you One on One so I can make sure you REALLY get PAID.

Email me directly at: and in the subject line put: MCA (so I know it’s real)

Please leave your email address in the comment area below or hit me NOW at ! This is no joke. The checks are real, I’ll even show you.



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