Make The Pain Go Away.

It’s like I want to Love you more than I do but I know you didn’t love me. 

You loved what you turned me into but I wasn’t suppose to be you.
I can’t believe how I covered my eyes to me.
I couldn’t conceive the thought that my thoughts could be free
I didn’t believe in Me.
I only lived for you.
I wanted to dig in me, but I could never hide from you.
That’s probably why God made Poetry possible.
Reach the masses is what God’s eye saw through
But in fear in settled and said only “My Eyes will do” 
but if I could have only see then what my smoke clouds show me now.
If I could see then, the Love I see in every crowd.
I would of Loved out Loud, but I swear this is your fault.
You saw I wanted the horse, but you made me ride a horse with you and on yours.
I use to cry Poetry.
I thought no one understood, I was afraid to be honest even with me.
I was Broke in spirit, and all I wanted was some deposits in my reach.
I just wanted your Love
I just wanted a hug
My loney heart strings, they just wanted a tug 
I would of played music that I know you would of Loved.
– Hrsh Reyalitee

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