I think Young Black People are trying to kill… THEMSELVES.

It is hard for Black Women to get along and I can say that being a 24 year old Black Woman.
I think it is because we have so many people/groups against us that we are afraid to trust each other! Black men find comfort and feel better about themselves when they make a young black woman feel bad, or low, or soft about herself. Nowadays if a young black man can say the word “Hoe or Bitch”, he jumps to the occasion! If he can put on some headphones and rap the lyrics “I love bad bitches that’s my fucking problem” to the top of his simple ass lungs, he will! I don’t think there is anything that a young black man enjoys more than being as ratchet as humanly possible, he calls it being a rebel, he calls it being himself; although he learned it from his favorite rap jam, someone who is not himself, and someone he can not relate to. A Young man sags his pants so low that he is stripped down walking in the streets, and doesn’t realize that he is showing off his barcode. Some young black men are educated, educated black men who support this lifestyle by being simple ass gentlemen who dress nice but who are educated with a degree and is still ass dumb as humping in the staircase with all your clothes on.
Then you have young black women who make their bodies readily available, however because the black man can be as simple as apple pie from time to time. If he sees one black woman or a few giving her body away and it justifies his assumption that wherever he goes, all women are the same, and he should expect the same from all young black women. Especially if she is beautiful. Why not try and get to know her or simply tell her she is Beautiful and keep it the fuck moving? She’s a hoe! Even though she doesn’t get money, so what! She is still a hoe because he doesn’t know what a hoe is! 
He; as an individual, isn’t worried about any circumstance except that of his own, so there is no reason to tell the truth, just lie and try your best to have sex because this is what it means to be young and a black man, and he has needs! 
He isn’t ready for a relationship but she’s Beautiful and is ready. Instead of leaving that God be, he must fall victim to his flesh and set himself up to have the wrong impression of himself and women. He won’t just focus on him and build himself and respect women at the same time. No, he must be gay and straight at the same damn time. 
No, his needs aren’t to be the best example of a strong black man that he can. NO, that is a goal and he hopes to reach it but it is not a necessity. His needs are his sexual desires because man is very weak, and it content in that without a doubt. What’s AIDS? There is nothing more important to a black man than success, sex and his money. He has no other aim or goal in life, although all of those concepts were invented by a white man, that hates him. The white man who is the very reason why he must hustle and work 1,000 odd jobs to hope to reach his dream. Having a balance of family, understand, success, love, and focus is only common in certain black men and they are few and scattered throughout the earth.
Women outnumber men more than three times. That is major. So, if you count the number of only smart young black men and count the number of only young black women. The number of smart young black men will only be a FRACTION if not less than a fraction of how many young black women there are. Could you imagine that? 1,000 smart young black women, and 200 young smart black men? Scary.
See, Men…there are not a lot of you. You are outnumbered, and will always be outnumbered. There are a lot of smart women around, so the lack of Smart Young Black Men is fucking disgusting. Step it up. The emotional side of a man will read this and be offended and probably say “See, fuck that black bitch”, and unfortunately this is what I expect. 
I challenge that emotional shit and ask:
Why not recognize the Love that I have for you?
I’m gay, I Love my girlfriend. I have sisters who love men, I have to see men everywhere I go, I have to hear the filthy ass lyrics that you let come out your mouth about women and that shit is crazy, it’s uneducated, and it doesn’t make sense. Strength is not that, THAT is the most evident proof of ‘Bitchassness’, I have ever witnessed. 
But wait! Let a black man read this! He will be upset! He will stomp around and go “No! This is not me! I only pretend to be stupid! I’m really smart! I know better! I really do but…I can’t be smart out in the open! My friends are watching but look….Women are so insecure, all they care about is make up and Scandal”
I feel like something stupid is going to come on my Pandora next just because so many terrible songs are coming to mind as I think further into this nonsense Lol.

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