Philadelphia Youth Project

Hello Family!

This man is why this entire event was possible! His passion, his understanding, his name is Conner. Follow this Leader at @TheBlackGuyX on twitter!

So, some awesome Man and youth leader named Conner X from Philadelphia reached out to us because of the Community Organizing Street Poets Artistry Collective is doing in NYC via Street Poets NYC.  He asked me to come out to Philly and share with the youth at the Philadelphia Youth Project and that is exactly what I did. I spoke to them about the magic that they have, about the possibilities that are there for them; so even if they didn’t know about LIFE before I got there, it matters not. I intended to leave them with Love, encouragement, and Poetry. The Media Diva came along with me, and so did Ageless The Poet. Here are some of the photographs. Enjoy.

Follow Age The Poet at @AgelessThePoet on Twitter

The Youth in my book, are responsibilities of ours. I want to make sure I do my best to give back to them because when I get old (I’m only 24 as of nowadays), I don’t want the disconnect between the generations to still be. I don’t think at that time we should still be lost. When I get old, I don’t think we should be oppressed anymore. So, I’m starting now.. so when I get old- like 80, I will be followed by generations of people who know how to handle their business and live life to the fullest. I don’t want to see 8 year kids lost, or 22 years dead by the gun. So I’m being the change I wish to see. I’m not talking about it, I am about it; and I say that in hopes that you will do the same! It just so happens that… Helping the youth and the community is a damn good time. – Hrsh Reyalitee

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