Don’t Say It Too Loud. (Poem)

Don’t say it too loud.

No one is listening.

Their headphones are booming and their loose change is on the run.

Life is a game and no one is playing for fun..

but we are having a ball

that we couldn’t afford.

I’d say we are winning but no one is keeping score.


Like a clumpsy chef I’ll spill the beans.

Every rap song aint as real as your head-wrap.



If you fall in love they call you soft and you feel caught.

You put your heart over money and they look at you funny.

But they can’t take her from Me.


I won’t say it too loud.

No one is listening.

I’ll wait inside a cherry tree and smoke heavily with Poetry.

If me and Poetry could make Love..I’d beat that like I can’t speak.

They can judge my homosexuality

as long as she lets me get a tug of her heart.

I heard her sing…

and it stung like a harp…Not at all.

It was heaven.

It was smooth and she may need lessons but I’m a believer. 



How I’m feeling: *What if your favorite Art form could be the gender that your attracted to? Lol. Read To Understand. Live to Love. 


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