My mentor gave me this assignment, to write to the people I’ve slept with..so this is the second poem. 


I Loved You but you loved me too much.

I wanted to love you but when we made Love. I faked Love.

I came like.. those dressed for a interview folk.

On Time. With My Shoulders straight. And often put on knees.

I felt nothing but ease for every moment When we made Love.

I made sure you were pleased because I was suppose to at least

because that’s what they told me God made me for…

to be on them all…

but I disagreed

and not because of you,

You made me feel like a Queen.

You made me feel like my vagina was the only plate that you would need.

Like… I couldn’t touch myself without being on your mind because you would let me know.

We were nasty.

It was okay.

All 6 feet and 7 inches of you inside of me felt like the position was filled.

You were hired.

Like a job, and I was up to my back in.


Fucked me like I was 20 feet tall.

I the sky and you stalked me.

We were more friends than lovers at least to me.

I just wanted to kick it most of the time.

I wasn’t faithful to you. I still don’t know how I felt about that.

I enjoyed it down to my bones when she would talk to me.

She would just make me feel like nothing else in this world.

I couldn’t put my finger on it but when she let me touch her… she and I were silent after.

We were hooked, lined, and I loved her pussy too.

After a few months she left me because of you. Then..

Long story short I left you for Me.

This is closure.


Feel free to judge me. I am a grown Woman. (Lol.)


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