A (POEM for) You. (Poem)

I be afraid but I remind the God in I that it’s alright.
It really is that simple.
I Love You.
What more is there for me to say right now besides nothing.
You are not perfect
not by a long shot
and up close you still miss
and if it weren’t for you’re bliss.
I would not utter such words  as those above and for the rest spoken after I feel evenly so
because I’ve never seen perfect.
It bet it’s eyes don’t glow…
Not the way ours do when you’re in clear view.
I don’t even need my glasses.
I rather sip the wine straight from your bottle.
I don’t go to church anymore
the institution of your Soul is my example.
Of what God’s hand do
And for example
The handle
God has on my pen.
If Perfect were in front of me.
I believe honestly, She would lie to me.
She being used Generally for Woman or man.
I’d stand
and stare…
like I do when I see you pictured in my dreams.
In person..
I sing India Irie…and hope for your ear
so I can whisper in your Soul.
And I Try and not get to close
without washing my hands first.
And I know that you can hurt.
I know that it will hurt..but I am going to give you the chance of a lifetime
to stay in my rhymes and my arms at the same time.
I am in Love.
Thank You
(Another conversation with Poetry) 
– Shadel (Hrsh Reyalitee) 

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