Life (Poem)

Everyone uses the road as a metaphor for life, and I believe it’s true.
You will come to see everyone is right.
On a real road, Once your on, you can’t turn around.
Although you can surely chose your flow through traffic,
You can move fast or slow.
It’s best when we’re not going at the same pace.
As if we are all in the same life race.
When you come to an intersecition
you can only pick one direction,
and you’re afraid you’ll go the “Wrong way”.
Going that route
will face obstacles
that may send you astray.
To find the main road again could possibly take the whole day.
So your eyes are open wide but blind
because it’s almost as if you’re looking for a sign… “Right way”.
you’re really looking for a short cut,
and easier way to arrive at your destination.
Something way easier than that last intersection,
so you don’t have to choose.
You turn the music up and relax because
you believe the short cut
is free of
At least that is the good guess.
So you make a sharp left
Lost and scared because you’ve never seen this road before.
You know it is human nature to fear the unfamiliar.
ALthough to your left, the main is abreast
but you let your fear get your best.
You ride around asking for directions on a road lacking pedestrians
only to ignore their suggestions.
Right before your eyes
your worst nightmare comes true.
You’re out of gas.
Written by: Hrsh Reyalitee

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