Floetik (Poem)


Cut the Soul like a burning knife trough skin, to the depths of your soul trying to get in.

Life and rational understanding is on what I depend.


A simple definition of me.


I had a vision for my generation,

to spread my words as my written demonstration.

Influenced by this Hip Hop Nation

that was given to me


I’m empowered by this disease.

Contagious in a beautiful way

I spread it through my Floetry like anthrax through mail.

Delivering the Floetikly deprived from a creative hell.

The God- dess of Floetry

I was born like this

from a life giving tree

Giving me the reason to fight

When I feel anger fuming from my gut.

Blood shot eyes hiding the whites.

I feel like I have to write down my strength.

Vent all the anger from my mind

Pick up my pen

search the ink to find.

My REASON for being floetikly talented.

Mommy picked

from the tree

Floetry to me,

I was a part of it.

Look at my heart that hides beneath my chest

and see that being Me is what makes me divine.

It takes me out the bunch giving me creatively unlimitied time.


A simple definition of me

I have a goal to reach with OUR limited time.

To take you out the box

into a creative state of mind

I’ll never hold back from you

I’ll be open and honest.

Show you the entire world that is all around us

PLease don’t gt it twisted

traveling the world with you is not my intentions of the vision

I will show you





just the way your Soul envisioned.


Written by: Hrsh Reyalitee 


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