cropped-screen-shot-2013-08-16-at-7-52-43-pm.pngFamily Ties.

Poetry is the most honest part of me. Every emotion and statement that I make, I always prepare myself to stand alone. –  Be the only human standing there with my own sign, that reads my own words with no backers. See this is what I think Love is. Love is a openly lonely concept. 

It’s complicated, and don’t just mean romantic love. I mean Love; family, friendship, community, etc. – as in Whoever, whatever, and whenever you Love. Protect your Love by all means, I do so with binding because it’s blinding, you don’t even realize it’s there until you…feel it. If I could, I’d hold my siblings all at the same time, and cry all over them. I feel your pain and they know mine, even when I’m sobers me up. 

The pain that I feel from the entire situation is the reason I’ve burred myself in myself and now I’m trying to climb out. I’m doing my best to climb out. See, at the time when we all met, it showed me a door that I swore wouldn’t open because last time I opened it, something went “Boo” and I was really afraid, and I ran.

It’s important to be careful what you wish for because I’ve gotten everything that I would dream about at night.

Smoking My Baby
Smoking My Baby

My siblings get me so open, and do so in a way that makes me nervous and uncomfortable; and yet so excited. I can’t hid me from them. It’s not even the LOVE aspect…its the ME aspect of things. They know everything that me and Poetry talk about. They know the real me before I can tell them. As if as soon as I tell them, they’ll be so comfortable in loving me that…. it wouldn’t phase them, and that acceptance is what I’ve ben waiting for and now…

it’s like I’m at the Microphone stand, with Power in my hand, they eyes are on me…and I can’t think of a thing to say. 

The gifted and the cursed tree made me.

I am possibly, the only fruit that clings from it’s branches.

Reaching toward the ground.





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