Do You Understand Me (Poem)

Do you understand me? by: Hrsh Reyalitee

Tell me the feeling that you feel when no one is around.
Explain what it’s like when the sun goes down and all you have is the lonesome of the night sky.
when all you have behind you are your footprints to remind you of your rugged path
and all the pain you had in the past,
and the scars.

The scars,

they become too deep and won’t fade away.
when the hardest thing to do is tell it,
when the hardest thing to do is find the key to unlock your own door..
for behind that door there is so much more
more beauty, another song.

you try and try, as you try the more pain seems to escape from your eyes as tears,
and the nerve to try begins to run away in fear.

If you understand me, you understand what is it to be misunderstood
to be looked down on and told that your no good.


I need a teacher, instructor, and a guide…
I am your pain and want to be healed.
I am lost and want to be found.
I want to be the one to bounce like ground ball after hitting the ground!

Do you know how that feels?
If you know how that know me, for this is ME
I am the product of this Harsh Reality                                                                                                                                                                     

But then again if you don’t….

I’ll tell you how it feels…

The concrete rose.

One of the few that have been introduced and well acquainted with pain.                                                                                                     

A rose that has grown so but has much to lose and twice as much to gain.

No concrete rose is the same For we all have been watered and grown by different games…in this one life.

Every rose has 99 problems and twice as many struggles, 2 stresses per problem, and 3 hard cries for every life tussle.           But that is what makes the concrete rose beautiful, to endure it all, and not die.                                                                                     The rose gets little to no sunshine and hasn’t withered.

The rose is the reason the caged bird sings, the fight in Malcolm and King’s dream.                                                                               The rose was the struggle in Rosa Parks step…that lead her to bus, to fight for her rest.                                                                       The concrete rose is what holds up the lillies, the little lily is a friend that misunderstands the rose and doesn’t even know.   Do you understand the Rose?

Please let me know.

Don’t pass my over or look me over for running is away…I won’t do that any more, I won’t go. For the Roses stills needs that water. You ask me how I know?

I know for I AM THAT I AM and I AM that Rose. 

(I wrote this Poem on Feb 26, 2006)


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