Affirmation (Poem.)

I want to be more than rich

I wish to be dipped in experiences where only Gods can be witnesses.

Where my spirit can remain intact.

Where a rhyme is the LEAST I can wrap

my arms around..No trap.

Just the struggle to fit of my grip around something way bigger than any poem I’ve ever spat.

I spit for the days I feel my HIGH-EST

I spit on the ground to clear my throat.

My identity is my words in ink on sheets.

I blink

I sink

I swear

this ink

is the reason for the black of my lips.

I spit Poetry to flee

but the taste of Sweet?

I notice that with my tongue.

It leaves me in doors all day writing of how I chose to run.

HOw to chose to fled

like obstacles to hurtles I chose to jump.

And lately the days have been treating me like it’s all dandi-

but I’m a lion

and sometimes

because of too much pride

I don’t make sense

but all I can do is taste




and see me

relying on lies to get me high.




(I finished this but I’ll only recite it…not write it. )


One comment on “Affirmation (Poem.)

  1. Girl you need to hurry up and get inspired to finish this poem. I WANT MORE ! you gave me goosebumps, chills down my spine. You should me a reality people don’t see. You taught me a personality I never met. AMAZING !

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