#3030 Challenge Poem #3

It’s like figuring out why the stars have aligned. 

“Only for the grace of God!”

Many would rejoice.

I too pick that choice..

but I too say it is so I have a point of reference. 


Creating frequencies to soothe the savage heart has been my past time.

I’ve stalked the vessels of God for some time now.

It’s beating to the footsteps of a hanged hue man.

With the texture of a wet cheek that covers words like an awning.


You know it’s real when you can taste your tears.

That’s when you grab your face and punish the proof in the palms of uncertainty.

Should you get up or lay back down?


But that’s the obvious.

It’s obvious that blood can clot. 

Spirits drunken you with the truth.


Give you everyday and call it the proof in the pudding…

taste it.

Before you spit it out. 

Because you will spit it out. 





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