So, that break up poem (been wrote it, found it, posted it, Lol.)

This is not a poem to respond to anyone. This is me oding what I love. Poetry. Writing poetry to express how I feel. If anyone decides to respond in a negative manner. I will only assume that you are lonely, scared, wish you had a friend, or love me so much that is pisses you off and you want to fight me, Lol.  
I don’t speak ill of my Ex’s because why? Wasn’t I down at one point? But here is the vent. 
Back to the post: Here is the poem. I wrote it in early may. 
If I would of known your love was plugged in to keep obligation alive and hanging like the pictures that you refused to hang on your walls I would of never put up half the money to replace the EYE you lost. 

I didn’t even have it at the time.
You knew I didn’t have it at the time. I didn’t ask you for help in my binds. You asked to be in the books, and then called me a crook. I was willing to suffer on my own and never pick up a phone.

I wish I would of said fuck you after you told me how terrible I was without helping me. I should of said fuck you when I spent hours giving you love and encouragement just for you to tell me “I don’t know what I’m talking about”. Fuck you. Who says that to someone who loves them? Did I not try to encourage? Did I not stay by your side? Fuck you and the opinions of the people who weren’t there. I should of and I would of stopped working with you if I was in my right mind, but I loved you. I let you make me feel like an idiot for caring about you. I should of stopped working with you. You dropped the tools anyway. You only worked when you wanted anyway.
I would of found anyway to not have to deal you a hand.

I felt a way but I didn’t allow it to affect your dreams. Your brand is still on the website.  Fuck you. I’ve always been a liar to you. Believing the words of strangers over the one your with is something very old for you. You did it all the time.
I always told you to finish your projects. 
You never did. You were in a relationship with what your conclusions were.
If you felt crossed by me. I did it. Even if i laying down sleep with no shoes on. I think you have an issue.
All you want to do is read the magazine in the waiting room. Get defensive. 
You never listen. I always listened.

You never made sense. We lost that money.

I always told you I didnt want your help & u turned it against me. I do love my dreams more than you. I regret including you. I only left you because you treated me like shit. Then said it was because I treated you like shit. You never said how I treated you like shit. You just mention the lies that they told you. Because to confront the truth that would make you want to tell me to hold you but fuck you. As if you care. You don’t even care and I know you don’t because you shouldn’t. This is why you got frustrated when you never understood why I hate help or assistance. Soon as they. Feel a way. You go out the window.
See, I have let you go with no quarrel. Do The Same.

– Written by Shadel

Had a break up and I wrote this about 9 months ago when it happened. The goblins have been trying to haunt me since but fuck …..that Lol. 


One comment on “So, that break up poem (been wrote it, found it, posted it, Lol.)

  1. People will front for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and themselves.
    Those reflections don’t reflect their reality.
    They will blind eyes to the truth while pointing fingers forgetting
    Three more are pointing right back at you.
    Denial is a strong as the Nile.
    The denier will have oarsmen rowing her boat while saying “I did that”,
    Unable to face critique when it comes from everyone but themselves,
    Refusing introspection though everyone around is in unanimous agreement without even having a discussion.
    Now it’s you against… Everyone?
    It’s funny how the tables turn.
    Liars will expect forgiveness the day after like their tongues do not drip with lies atop lies leaning sideways like the Tower of Piza
    Causing people to stare and wonder, “Is she for real?”
    Never standing straight because intentions were never pure.
    Loyalty is but a word amongst the wolves in sheep’s clothing
    Calling themselves gods while everyone else gets dubbed peasant
    How quickly do we judge until there’s not a pot to piss in
    Suspicious even of those who come with helping hand outstretched
    The dog should not bite the hands who feed her
    Soon she will be left alone crying of hunger
    Then every answer will be yes because without me you wouldn’t be you
    Yet no question nor test will be given
    You’re being ignored so now you call me heartless
    But I will be gone
    And everything shall be no more.
    Front that.

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