Car Parts and Days Off.

I’d Love to see you again. #Fe28th Come with me and celebrate with SUPE THE DUDE as he grows and builds. #StreetPoetsNYC


Yo Supe The Dude has been working hard. Living. Fighting the fight with the people. Moving and shaking. NOw he is set to release a set he’s been working on with the band Pink Ride. Supe the dude and Pink ride firsr met in 2013. Through the years they’ve built relationships and now have created music that you will fucking Love. Supe The Dude will be a new EP later on this year. You do not want to miss this event. The entry is $7 All Night. $2-$4 drinks. Smoking Section. Open Discussion and more. Support Your Artists! Artists Supporting Artists! – The Street Blogger

Instagram and Twitter: @SupeTheDude

Supe The Dude X Pink Ride ‪#‎Feb28th‬

Supe The Dude X Pink Ryde #Feb28th

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