I will tell you what the court system is made of.

Folk trynna see what you are made of.

This is not made up.

They put a face up. And tell you that be any means is a grand worth of wrong.

It was grand how they were wrong. They took my pockets the next hour.

I feel split four ways and I’m home and already showered.

I wanted to falter at the belittlement, I needed a alter to repent again. Because I shouldn’t of been there today. You should be able to build in the sky: 

Everything your heart will run and get the door for. 

Anything worth a deep breath after.

The clean water we are willing to struggle to get.

The God up above our Soul run toward hoping to be snatched up.

but instead I have a city full of remixes, critical of the originals. 

Feel the truth of this news, so my rhythmn can get into you. We need to band together like jackets and ear muffs. Compliment each other like Riots and hand cuffs. We should stand up.

I stepped over bodies while in the Court room lobby. There are holding cells in the basement, because the government is a body. You don’t have to lie to me.

I don’t have to lie to you. 

Smoking these papers like I have deadlines.

I’m so fed up with this designated de-sign. And now I’m going to beg someone to come behind, so like Matthew and John, we can have more than one copy, of the same story. I need someone else to witness this with me, and for me.

– Shadel Flow


My name is Shadel. I am a Poet by the name of HRSH REYALITEE. Ahnu Yahbi. 


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