Ahnu Yahbi Redemption Song

So much pain came from being rejected by you over some systematic bullshit. I forgive you cuz it ain’t your fault. Since birth my life was a stereotype. These past few years helped me turn it around. And no it wasn’t meeting nobody. It wasn’t loving nobody. It wasnt seeing my birth moms pictures or meeting people i dont remember. It was me. It was saying…..fuck all yall niggas, so I could stop searching for approval and acceptance to be hurt by rejection. I stop searching the globe and looked inside. I found me there. And no one named me there…there I named myself. I gave birth to THIS Woman that I am now today. No her name ain’t Shadel but she answers to it. No her name ain’t sha-delle but sha-delle loves you. Her name is AHNU. I named myself. I’ve always been here for myself.

-Ahnu Yahbi


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