Confessions 1

Holding on a cliff of patience since I got the diagnosis.

That I know Freedom like today knows tomorrow.

Like happiness knows sorrow.

Sorrow learned to breathe under water. 

It was taught while I would torture


Walk behind,


Count myself in Quarters.

Hope lost souls will unite with me.

On the mountains that can only be crushed by daughters.

I stand here as a Poet owning a moment when words where shared.

It left the taste of blood on my teeth.



are what I take to make it through the day.

Fronting in the back of long lines to salvation.

Lord, Please let me make it! 

I hope to see the luxury in the lies I told myself.. Like…

Let this be a new chapter and Better days will come after.

The disaster came the day that lady stopped me in the street with a warning.

Told me God is coming for my desires. Told me of being rewired.

As if she saw my box of confusion. Order from chaos. It all started the day I felt neglect. 

I left myself and the pain still lingers in my chest. Not an asthmatic but the damage is, and if I’m stuck in it. What does that make me? Out of breath. Fighting to stay here. A place I once desired but no longer. But the longing couldn’t be stronger. What I want

Couldn’t be further from needing glasses.


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