Opposites Attract: Renamed ‘Magnets’ (Poem)

I wrote this poem yesterday. *Shrugs* I’m going to write another today. Because I am so whole, and feel so good. I don’t feel the need to explain myself. I’d rather just share the beauty of Poetry with you.


Magnets: by Shadel Hrsh Reyalitee Preddy
Are how we panic to each other
Yet we Frequent resistance
Just to prove how power fueled the pull of destiny is in our lives…And on our heart strings.
And our coat tails when we extort pain of its rubies.
We never have to ask
..Why we willingly commit like bare feet on shattered glass.
We bait our  lines to attract the scars we will try not to pass
..but instead name after each other..
And Bury deep in our hearts as a reminder. That we’ve been loved deeper than the objective of miners and love each other still. Quietly and only in a mind cloud.
I regret taking my time with you as that’s all you take now.
All I do is think of what rhymes with you and the walls we built but can’t take down.
-Shadel Hrsh Reyalitee Preddy



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