Not In The Mood To Write Poems (Poem)

Fatigued from 

action Packed 

Drastic thoughts

Of plastic wrapped 

solutions brought from the media ports.

Being heartbroken is becoming less rare.

The truth explodes in my mouth when my lips don’t part

And then I start..

To drag my feet across the mattresses of capitalist.

Behaving as their whore.

Showing up for my job on time even when I get less and give poor..

results to my outcries for freedom.

Wired off caffeine to stay at ease.

And not ease but at ease like a soldier 

Because this war I wear from the shop and buy at the market keeps me a target

with something to prove.

I’m not in the mood to write hiaku’s
Written by: Shadel HRSH REYALITEE Preddy


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