I look past all I see to find what is real, and only for ME.

Removing the shades covering my eyes to connect with the Divine

Seeking his guidance to find this…

This, being what I call my definition

My Webster listing, Where you can find me if you keep looking

Will it say I’m gorgeous with skin dark and rough, image of strength from Dawn to Dusk?

I’m thinking too much

How can I reach you without you feeling too much?

Or giving to much

Having my soul on the line is giving too much

How can I define me?

Mommy, why don’t I look like you?

Wait I do

A Black Woman so beautiful, and that’s TRUTH

I Love You So Even though she wasn’t pushing behind me on that faithful day in May, she is My Mommy

Life is harassing me, but I’m right behind life…like on that Bitch back Harass that

No more tears running races is fact

However, from the start and back my life’s been a blessing thus far

I’m still breathing with a heart

Although my soul was starved I’m growing over it who am I? Is what you ask

What are you like? Is the question you want an answer to I can’t answer you

The answers not clear and blue like the sea beneath my feet that I feel whenever my rhymes reach a new soul

New goals for me finding contentment in being a soul that is incomplete

I did it I did it

I don’t know who I am, but I’m happy

I don’t know where I’m going but don’t stop me

I’m wondering off in the distance, looking for kinship in a face with resemblance As Mine

With time, I’ll find a place in the world where I can shine but it has to have my name on it, Take the shame off it.

I’ll take the blame for it

Regardless of who has to pay for it

Mother is like Jay-Z And the reality is crazy She had demons in her pass And then I came in 88/ The prophecy was correct and so this daughter fronted the pay/ For the sins of my Mother/ So I pray for my tomorrow/ Against her yesterdays/ in hopes that Tara’s ok/ For along time she wasn’t here/ to shade my face from the glare/ So I became Kathy’s daughter…and Mommy (Kathy) getting a shiny beach chair

And I declare

Daddy’s still here

He’s in My Air Writing

A blueprint for me to print to avoid all the other shit I feel like I’m getting sick I need my Daddy to be reading it

I need it

NOW Can you see why I can’t let you get close to me?

Although I do Love You

The one closes to me couldn’t stay even though she had love for me so

Now she has A. lover and not I. that’s making her Die Slow WHOA…

Can’t believe that’s in my flow

But I’m going to talk to my baby sister, someone no one knows

Hey Little sister, how do I tell you that I love you so?

You’ll never know, just close your eyes and think of Big Sister

Damn I really miss the… way we use to run like that why can’t we do that? Who took my Heart away with no explanation for me?

BUT I’m HAPPY; contentment is what you should call me

Devoted to be, here out in the open for everyone to see But don’t dare get deep…

I’ll drown you in my darkest of Seas Killing off desires to get my secrets from me

I’m strong as can be

But strength can get weak

I can’t be broken, well…broken further at least

My soul is BEAST, defeating all like its goliath and I’m chosen to be

The one to defeat, doubts and pouts God already said Elders have waiting for me

But how could that be?

And I Know, Yes I know Five Lines back is what I’ll never be able to see

But I’m Happy

Soon I’ll be successful

Although my journey is stressful

21 years ago, slept for 9 month so I’m restful


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